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Published on: 30 November -0001

The power of daring and caring – on navigating the unpredictable future

Cindy Tervoort, IRG participant 2021, is the CEO of Beerwulf, the subscription-based e-commerce platform of Heineken.

"January is all about starting well with New Year's resolutions and the intent for 2022. I shared with the Beerwulf team that there are two intentions I would like to set together in 2022. They are to be both 'daring' and 'caring.'

Daring means taking our business further than ever before. More innovation, challenge, and risk-taking. But also daring to be vulnerable when things go wrong and to let things go that don't serve us anymore.

Caring, then, is the complementary counterpart. Whether it's caring for colleagues who may be struggling or for ourselves by turning an empathetic eye inwards to our own mental and physical health, great ambition and success cannot exist if we don't look out for each other.

It is realistic to assume this year will still be unpredictable; it's the new normal. Therefore I am happy to experience in the first weeks of the year a lot of 'daring' in target setting and ambitious planning, going hand in hand with the honesty & vulnerability to share difficult moments and challenges together."

Inspired by Cindy Tervoort, IRG participant 2021 & CEO of Beerwulf - Heineken

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