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Honor the past - Reimagine the future l 14-19 April, 2024

Connect to Mexico's spirit and ancient wisdom to explore the future. Join us on this intimate, immersive, and inspiring retreat in Mexico. The retreat has been curated for IRG community members who want to connect with themselves and define their role in leading multistakeholder value creation.

Personal Impact

The Mexico retreat creates a safe space to guide participants through their personal journeys for both their current and future paths.

Enjoy this short video and discover the impact of last year's experience.

Program Highlights

  • Unlock leadership and team potential through new ways of reflective collaboration
  • Increase your impact through authenticity and renewed sense of inspiration
  • Clarity on your purpose and how to apply this in your current or future work environment
  • Opportunity to reflect on and shape your unique professional journey
  • Understand how you can drive systemic change

Approach & Frameworks

  • Theory U (Process for profound change and innovation)
  • Personal Mastery (set of powerful leadership practices)
  • Feedback (how you show up as a leader and human being)
  • Power of Silence (solo walk and meditation)
  • Flow (creating impact in your business and the world in new ways)
  • Embodiment (integrating the learnings in your body, so they will become natural habits)

About the location

In the vibrant tapestry of Mexico's cultural heritage, we can find inspiration to reimagine our society and our role in it. The ancient city of Teotihuacán reveals a community without kings or rulers—a testament to an ancient ethos of equality. Traditions like Dia de Muertos reflect a profound respect for the past and the wisdom of our ancestors as a guiding light for the future.

Beneath the bustling surface of Mexico City lies a poignant metaphor. The Metropolitan Cathedral, perched atop an indigenous temple, has been slowly sinking—an undeniable reflection of the consequences when we overlook the foundations of the past. Just as we cannot construct a new societal paradigm without acknowledging the ancient temple, we must recognize that the evolution of modern corporations stemmed from a public purpose. It is a call to action—a reminder to honor the past and reimagine the future. This retreat will help you lay a solid foundation to build a new cathedral with respect for our shared and individual past and a commitment to a more equitable and sustainable future. Most of the retreat takes place at Resort de la Luz in Amatlán, surrounded by the Tepozteco mountains

Program agenda

April 14th

- 5 PM Welcome session

- Personal introduction

- Program Expectations and intentions

Hotel, Mexico City tbd.

April 15th

- Depart to temples

- Ancient wisdom reflection

- Making sense of world discussion

Mexico City —> Amatlán, Tepozteco

April 16th

- Honoring the past

- Reimagine the future

- Seven levels of consciousness

Amatlán, Tepozteco

April 17th

- From observing to leading

- Elevated leadership perspective

- (Re)connect to personal ikigai

Amatlán, Tepozteco

April 18th

- Deep obeservation & experience

- Human nature and ancient spirit trip

- Indigenous people conversation: Knowledge sharing with Indigenous people

Amatlán, Tepozteco

April 19th

- Multi-stakeholder impact

- Personal role ambition setting

- Journey back to city

Amatlán, Tepozteco —> Mexico City

Our facilitator

Roland Slot

Founder, Breathe

Find out More

Roland Is Passionate About Raising The Level Of Consciousness In Business And Emerging Potential In Leaders, Teams, And Organizations. Last Year, Roland Helped 20 IRG Community Members Connect To Their Human Nature To Unlock Positive, Enduring Change In The World. He Is A Former Founder And Managing Partner Of Aberkyn, And A Partner At McKinsey & Company.

Cost and Application

The cost for this retreat is $3.600 USD and includes lodging in Resort de la Luz and the first night in Mexico City, guided facilitation, all meals & refreshments, transportation, nature guides, daily yoga, and other activities.

Participants are responsible for all other expenses, including flights, travel insurance, etc. After registration, we kindly ask for a deposit of $500 (non-refundable) from all participants.

Register your interest

Please complete your details below outlining your motivation for joining the retreat. The deadline for applications is January 31st.