IRG1000 Leadership Program

The IRG1000 Leadership Program is a semi-self learning business program open to aspiring growth leaders seeking to contribute to a more humanized growth agenda. The 12-week online program connects participants to thought leadership, best practices, and provides the opportunity to meet and spar with like-minded marketers.



  • Unlock more humanized growth potential
  • Connect with world class content and speakers
  • Benefit from peer connections, sparring and feedback


  • 3 modules - covering the Why, What and How of driving more humanized growth
  • Fact based and best-of-all-worlds curriculum to develop and implement progmatic business and personal growth plans

Who & When

  • Marketing and other growth leaders,(Global and cross-industry)
  • Core version - 1 month, 3 hours per week
  • Extended version - 3 months, 2 hours per week

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Core Version

Extended Version

What next?


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  • Up to 40 seals in the IRG1000 program
  • Benchmarking of your organization on all building blocks of growth
  • Inspiration & provocation session with IRG founders