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Curated Topics

The IRG has interviewed almost 50 exceptional thought leaders. Their insights, reflections and recommendations are compiled into several videos to help CMOs drive humanized growth.

The Role of the CMO

Listen to this 30-minute video in which the world’s most seasoned and successful CMOs and other growth leaders reflect on what they believe should be the role of the CMO.

What do CEOs expect from CMOs?

To succeed in their role, CMOs have to continuously align with the C-suite. Looking at the average tenure of less than four years, it suggests that expectations, responsibilities, and experience are often out of sync and do not match one another. Watch this 20 minute video to better understand what CEOs expect from CMOs.

Sustainability Special

Tackling the current climate crisis is one of the biggest challenges in society, and marketers play a crucial role as they are the connection between brands and customers. Listen to the empowering words of several leaders, to define how your brands and organizations can play a role in tackling the climate crisis.

Female leadership

This video contains curated leadership lessons from five CEO’s and other growth leaders. These lessons are derived from longer conversations between the founders of the IRG and those leaders: Angela Ahrendts, Sanda Ojiambo, Lubomira Rochet, Lorraine Twohill and Halla Tómasdóttir.