da Vinci Growth CMO

Leonardo da Vinci is considered the epitome of a ‘Renaissance man.’ He was whole-brain - both scientist and artist, and he was a humanist, celebrating humanity and its role in the natural environment. We predict that one of the lasting effects of the COVID-19 crisis will be that businesses in the ‘new normal’ will recognize the necessity and opportunity of creating value for all stakeholders: colleagues, customers, shareholders, and the world around them.

We believe that this more human-centric and multi-stakeholder orientation presents a unique opportunity for CMOs to step up and help their companies succeed. In this article, we offer a profile of the new ‘da Vinci Growth CMO’ and highlight how it improves upon the CMO role descriptions of the past.

The business world needs more Leonardo da Vincis

Growth-minded leaders at all levels of a company should adopt a learning growth mindset, just like the famous polymath

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