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The Growth Opportunity

Companies today are seeking out a new kind of growth: the human kind. Growth that addresses the needs of shareholders, consumers, colleagues and the community - all your real stakeholders. We call this humanized growth. As a marketing leader, your connection to people – customers, colleagues and society– perfectly positions you to help your business recognize the needs of all these stakeholders and create value for them.

We launched the globe’s most comprehensive growth study ever to create a framework and provide actionable recommendations for aspiring growth leaders

The Approach

vision views

Multiple cultures and disciplines Diverse levels of market development Unicorn and Fortune 500 companies


73 Markets All functions, levels and industries


Research from business publications, consultancies, academia and more. Consumer blogs, forums and conversations analysed by Discover AI.

LinkedIn users

Analysis of LinkedIn data from publicly available connections across employees.

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7 Building Blocks of Humanized Growth

Companies achieving humanized growth over-performance have embraced a new architecture. Click on each building block below to learn more

Humanized Growth

Articulating your ambition and making your growth journey all about positive impact on people

Evolving Experiences

Continuously innovate to improve the customer experience

Whole Brained

Fostering teams of equals with creative and analytical thinkers

Multiple Models

Working and experimenting with various business and go-to-market models

Anticipative Organization

Creating highly flexible structures and an agile operating model

Abundant Markets

Redefining your market (“where to play”) more broadly and in terms of human needs

Open Culture

Developing an open and connected organization

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