Today almost every marketer works on or competes against a global brand. Think about it; only ten years ago things were very different. The Global Brand CEO was the first book to specifically focus on what it takes to win in global marketing. Building on over 20 years of practical experience and having worked with the leaders of many of the world’s most successful global brands, the authors present a simple framework and practical tools that will help every global marketer unlock the value of global brands and prepare their organization for accelerated growth.

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45 of the most successful WORLD WIDE CMO'S CONTRIBUTED

global brand ceo Book

The insights, vision and approach presented in this book are all practitioner endorsed;
Some 45 of the world’s most successful CMOs contributed with examples and case studies and the recommendations are backed by proprietary Leading Global Brands study.

Presentation of findings at Financial Times,
London 2012

Book launch at World Fair,

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