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Published on: 30 November -0001

Do we think deep enough about "Cultural Diversity"? Three learnings from Unesco book for CMOs.

Beyond the expected call for more sustainable investing Fink highlights the crucial role of attracting talent. Enter diversity and inclusion. Themes close to the hearts of talent. And to CMOs.

Waqas Ahmed, IRG participant of 2021, who recently edited the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity 20th anniversary book, has unveiled some important insights. The volume is a compilation of articles from 35 leading artists, activists, scholars, and leaders of international organizations. Together, they form a powerful, interdisciplinary synthesis which provides three key lessons.

1. Be creative: Everyone has a uniquely multifarious experience of life - and that needs not only to be appreciated, but also harnessed for the sake of innovation.

2. Be open: The majority of the world's cultures are poorly understood. Truly connecting with customers means marketers need people with different worldviews and cultural perspectives.

3. Be real: To ensure that Diversity and Inclusion efforts are authentic, pay as much attention to "inner" diversity as outer - aim for a diversity of perspectives, rather than of identities.

The book is published by the Khalili Foundation in collaboration with UNESCO. The IRG also wrote an article. More information can be found here.

Inspired by Waqãs Ahmed, IRG participant of 2021, author of The Polymath and founder of The DaVinci Network

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