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Published on: 30 November -0001

Three small countries are already net-positive, is your company ready?

Suriname, Bhutan and Panama have gone beyond the pledge for net-zero. They are "carbon negative", absorbing more climate-changing emissions each year than they produce through human activity. What they have in common is strong protection of their carbon-absorbing forests alongside increasingly tough measures to hold down climate-changing emissions, including efforts to reuse, recycle and renew whatever helps to protect the climate. These countries achieved their status through national effort and national sacrifice.

How would this translate to businesses? Being net-positive as a business is about having a positive impact on all stakeholders through the operations and products and services of the business. Just as for the aforementioned countries, this will take hard work and commitment, and just like the participants at the IRG, you might well have your values and purposes in place to start your journey.

To find out if you are truly ready for the net-positive journey we recommend Paul Polman’s Net Positive Readiness test.

Inspired by Frans-Jan van Rongen
Global VP Marketing & Branding, Wavin | IRG100 Participant, 2021

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