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Published on: 05 December 2022

Two Humanizing Growth Champions share their vision at the Global Marketing Summit

As a loyal reader of the Seeds of Growth you probably don’t need to be convinced of the power and importance of Humanizing Growth. Still, in convincing others it’s helpful to get the latest and greatest on some of the recurring themes and discussions around the topic: Should we communicate brand values or product attributes? How do we measure our progress on ESG? How are some of the best leaders of the world driving Humanized Growth? Have a read as this week’s edition provides you with the answers.

Last week, at the Global Marketing Summit, three members of the IRG community and IRG’s founder engaged in a conversation about Humanizing Growth. Two of the presenters happen to be the reigning Humanized Growth Champions: Andisa Ntsubane & Rupen Desai. Together with Zeynep Yalim Uzun - former CMO of Arcelik - they shared their professional journeys, personal purpose and how they drive humanized growth for their companies. Watch the recording to learn more about the conception of the IRG and to be inspired by two leaders on how they create impact for all stakeholders with their companies and Humanized Growth initiatives. (This video is best viewed on a desktop here and if needed you can change the language by pressing the three dots in the lower right screen.)

To set the stage IRG’s founder Marc de Swaan Arons explained how the IRG came about and what purpose it serves for CMOs. Next, Andisa Ntsubane described how he got inspired to deliver ideas and impact ‘worthy of emulation’. Andisa was the driving force behind one of the biggest vaccination campaigns in the African continent. Working for Old Mutual, he built an initiative and business model for the insurance company to vaccinate almost 6 million African people. Andisa elaborates on how he helps to drive Humanized Growth for Africa in his new role at Vodacom as Managing Executive Brand Marketing and Communications Africa.

Rupen Desai shared how his two daughters guide his decision-making and inspired him to create solutions for the planet that drive prosperity for all stakeholders. Working for Dole - where he just resigned - and in partnership with Ananas Anam, he helped build a business model around turning pineapple leaves which were long considered a waste by-product, into a vegan, sustainable leather substitute for many brands like Nike, H&M, Hugo Boss and others. As a result, farmers gain additional income, Dole generates new business opportunities and there is less damage to the environment from the wasted, rotting leaves. That’s people, planet, and prosperity thriving interdependently together.

Inspired by Zeynep Yalim Uzun - IRG participant 2021, Former CMO Arcelik, Executive Board Member at European Women on Boards

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