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Published on: 05 December 2022

The one thing missing in many Super Bowl ads

Raquelle Zuzarte, 2021 IRG100 participant, offers an insightful analysis of the recent advertising efforts of brands at the Super Bowl. Anyone who spends an average of 7 million per spot must show a clear business case and needs to create impact. Being a CMO for more than a decade, Zuzarte effortlessly pinpoints all parameters that might boost brand metrics and drive impact. From the use of humor and celebrities to the importance of a clear message and the necessity to create brand recall, Zuzarte shows the arguments that CMOs use to justify their big spending on the big stage. Without neglecting the importance of entertainment, she also reveals what the event forgot this year – humanized growth.

“As brands look to continue strengthening their story narrative for the rest of 2022, considering the current zeitgeist, there will be a premium placed on entertainment with substance -- not just brand substance, but social impact substance. We only saw glimpses of this from a representation angle from Pixel 6 and Hologic, from a #TeamEarth perspective from Salesforce and from a ‘enjoy life, not stuff’ lens from Expedia.

Escapism ruled the night. Could brands have done more on the greatest stage that money can buy? As Americans enter the third year facing an unrelenting pandemic and economic uncertainty, we need brands to step up to drive not only the highest brand returns but also to speak up and address the biggest social challenges of our time. They need to go beyond the sizzle and take charge and demonstrate brave leadership -- while still holding on to the humor, glamor, and ardor of a Hollywood-inspired trailer.”

Inspired by Raquelle Zuzarte, 2021 IRG100 participant, Founder & CMO, Equity Project For All . Read full article here.

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