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Published on: 30 November -0001

Needed: The Next Wave of Transformational Leaders

In a recent LinkedIn post, Kees Kruythoff, Chairman & CEO LIVEKINDLY Collective, shows what's on the mind of a true business leader. "After COP26 and as the world is still recovering from the pandemic, private-sector leadership could not be more pivotal to help solve societal challenges. As my friend and business partner Paul Polman has put it: 'Many of us are working in this vein, and this is the moment to accelerate.' I was inspired to read his recently launched book, Net Positive, which is a practical guide to building a company that profits by confronting and mitigating the problems that plague our planet. It's a powerful message—not only to those leading multinational organizations but to all private-sector company owners and leaders out there.

I agree with Paul Polman that in order to transform systems, the world needs an inspiring new wave of leaders. This is how we truly transform the notion of leadership — what it is, what it entails, how it can actually change the world around us. I dare all leaders out there to ask themselves: Do you have a forward-thinking purpose that's hard-wired into the DNA of your business? This critical question can make or break your success as both leader and businessperson. Sales, funding, followers, and future outlook will follow if you, as a leader, stay true to the mission of fixing the world's problems instead of creating them."

Inspired by Kees Kruythoff - Chairman & CEO LIVEKINDLY Collective
Guest on our Humanizing Growth Series - watch his conversation here

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