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Published on: 01 January 1970

Five take-aways from a global sustainability marketer.

Unilever made a pledge to shift to 100% renewable or recycled carbon in all its home care product formulations by 2030. To get there, Unilever collaborates across the entire ecosystem and innovates for consumers without compromising on price and performance. Last week Andreea Sapunaru, Global Sustainability Marketing Director of Fabric Cleaning at Unilever and IRG100 participant 2022, was invited to speak at the Parliamentary & Scientific Committee’s webinar on the subject. Here are five takeaways from the presentation that can offer guidance and inspiration to any marketer that wishes to create more sustainable brands: 1. Climate change is the top global issue and consumer concern: as much as 71% of consumers consider climate change as serious as> 2. So-called Eco Actives – shoppers who are highly concerned about the environment and are making the most of actions to reduce waste – now make up 29% of all consumers and this group is expected to grow to 50% in> 3. Many consumers believe governments (40%) and manufacturers (36%) are responsible to drive change when it comes to environmental> 4. To counter the famous intention-behavior gap, brands need to be uncompromising on price and performance.
5. To remove fossil fuels from products, brands need pioneering start-ups as well as the big chemical companies i.e. the whole ecosystem.

Inspired by Andreea Sapunaru, IRG100 participant 2022, Global Sustainability Marketing Director of Fabric Cleaning at Unilever.

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