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Published on: 05 December 2022

How to decode the world to find 4-6% growth

This week’s Seeds of Growth features three exceptional marketing leaders on their take on finding new growth opportunities and balancing green investments with inflation. We interviewed Katie Williams, CMO Haleon US, on how to find growth opportunities. Nicola Buck, CMO at BP, elaborated on their partnership with Uber, and Luca Zerbini, CEO of Una Terra shared his vision on how to balance green investing with inflation.

Haleon, formerly GSK, the global leader in consumer health, became a newly independent company with a focused strategy to deliver better everyday health with humanity, sustainable above the market growth and attractive returns to shareholders.

The company’s ambition is to deliver annual organic sales growth of 4-6% in the medium term. We interviewed Katie Williams, CMO Haleon, US about where and how to find growth opportunities.

In finding those growth opportunities Katie and her team ‘decoded the world’: making sense of what’s going on by leveraging insights and foresights. The IRG and Katie had a conversation on proactive wellbeing, reaching new demographics and moving from self-care into the customer arena of self-optimization. Uncovering three big learnings that serve as inspiration for anyone looking to systematically decode the world and find new growth opportunities.

1. Analytics and empathy
Connect a culture of analytics to a culture of empathy. Definition of empathy: curiosity (ask why) x humility (truly understanding ‘other’ people).

2. Learning is growing
To grow, you need to learn. When innovating, don’t over-focus on instant business success but rather on key learnings. Did we learn something about a target group, about a channel, etc.?

3. Follow the behavior
To identify new growth opportunities, look at the whole customer (health) journey to define the inner space, core space, complementary adjacencies and potential areas of expansion.

Inspired by Katie Williams, IRG Participant 2022, CMO Haleon, US

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