Aljan de Boer is the Community Director at the Institute for Real Growth, where he plays a pivotal role in connecting and inspiring a global community of over 400 CMOs. He also leads a cutting-edge CMO leadership program in sustainable marketing and humanized growth, drawing on his extensive experience in the field. For nearly a decade, Aljan has been an active board member of the Dutch Platform of Innovation & Marketing, contributing to advancing marketing practices in the Netherlands.

His passion for exploring and understanding the critical trends that will shape society's future has earned him recognition as a sought-after professional speaker.



Conference presentations

  • Cannes Lions Festival / Dutch Embassy of Creativity - Cannes
  • ING Bank’s Leadership Meetup - Madrid
  • Global Juice Summit - Antwerp
  • Disney Licensing Showcase - Amsterdam
  • Maersk’s Annual Supply Chain Event - Kopenhagen
  • Swiss Life’s Global Network Conference - Cannes
  • Marketing Insights Event - Amsterdam
  • IRG’s Annual Kick Off - New York

Topics of expertise/deep interest:

  • Trends and foresights
  • Sustainable marketing
  • Generation Z: our future consumers & colleagues
  • Humanizing Growth

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